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I love to solve problems. I have broad applied experience in defining, designing, implementing and testing solutions to complex problems using the principles of behavioural and human-centred design. I explore a behavioural challenge that people are having, identify solutions and test them for impact. In the last six years I have proven success solving behavioural challenges with companies that include The Coca Cola Company, Old Mutual Group, Multiply Rewards, Hollard Insurance, eBucks, Yum International (KFC), BMW, Woolworths South Africa and World Vision.

With an international background of 15 years in research, insights and marketing, I love data and story-telling. However, I care most deeply about working effectively with people to solve challenges to desired behaviour and creating effective content and service solutions. I grew the South African division of a multi-national virtual AWS mobile-focused research company into a profitable business unit and built global capability in emerging neuromarketing and behavioural science for a leading international food services brand. I am a self-starter, open-minded and pioneering in nature.


I love to spend time outdoors with my boys, learn something new and am also prone to lying around reading books. Aware that our minds are conditioned by our surroundings and experiences, sometimes in ways we don't like, I train my mind daily through meditation, practicing and teaching yoga. 

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