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Designing customer journey for bank branches

Increasing the number and quality of branch visits with human-centred design and behavioural economics

Our client, a low income retail financial services provider, wanted to get more people into their branches. With low incomes and tight budgets, their customers sought products such as funeral policies and personal loans to help manage their financial situation. Our team conducted a contextual enquiry to uncover the barriers to engagement with the products and branches, the key users and their goals and then mapped out the key issues into ‘how might we’ statements and hypotheses. Together, we developed a range of solutions, to enhance customer experience and nudge customers into the branch. These included aesthetic design principles as well as behavioural and user experience principles such as progressive disclosure, repetition and chunking of information. I conducted usability testing with customers and staff members, which informed a number of key refinements to specific messages. We piloted the nudges in six branches, against six control branches for two months, with these branches selected for having a similar pattern of footfall and transactions. We also conducted quantitative and qualitative research during the pilot to identify drivers of success and to understand where nudges weren't working.

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