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Redesign onboarding forms and process

Redesigning forms and service to improve life insurance broker on-boarding process

Tracking studies and net promotor scores indicated my client, Hollard Life Insurance, was weakly delivering on service standards to the brokerages that sold and supported its life insurance products, relative to competitors. A recent BCG consulting exercise and series of workshops had shone a light, in particular, on some weaknesses in the vetting of brokerages.

I was asked to collapse and redesign the brokerage on-boarding forms to improve the life insurance brokerage vetting experience. To simplify and improve the experience I focused on collapsing some of the documentation, deduping fields, clarity with terminology and removing questions / fields that were no longer required. In addition, I worked to improve the flow and logic of the forms to materially improve engagement.
I conducted limited usability testing, with three brokerages of varying size and history, which provided feedback for refinements. The research also revealed that we needed to create a more transparent vetting process, to better allow brokerages to know what to expect with regard to Hollard requirements and their chances of success.

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