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Using human-centred design and user research to optimise a property market tech start up offering

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1. Challenge

Tools delivered

Qualitative user research

Journey mapping


Customer profiling

Value/Effort ranking

How might we statements

High value real estate such as commercial and industrial properties can take months to sell, resulting in significant costs arising from the delay. My client saw an opportunity to develop a bigger market place and faster sale solution incorporating online bidding.

I was asked to conduct research with potential users of the service to better understand their goals, needs and context in order to optimise the service. 

2. Approach


I set up and conducted six interviews with a range of potential customers including asset disposal managers of listed property funds, brokers and managers of private property funds. Interviews were conducted remotely, due to the COVID lockdown. I explored their current property sale process, their goals, requirements from and their frustrations with the current offerings. 

Using the personas and needs analysis, I identified red routes, assessed each for value and cost, sequenced the backlog items for value/effort and sketched out a key user journey to resolve the hypotheses. A hybrid tech and offline/human solution was required: I mapped out the touch points and developed user stories for the tech journey, considering mental models of users, the service flow, information needs and motivations.


Working with our multi-disciplinary team including law, sales and administration, we generated a business model canvas including the value proposition, customer segments, cost and revenue streams.

Property lawyer, News media house sales team, Head of technology at news media house


Explore context

Craft service blueprint


Property/Real estate, Media

3. Outcome

The user research identified a critical issue which we resolved in the optimised value proposition, creating a material improvement in the attractiveness to market. The team is currently developing wireframes and preparing the marketing pitch for launch with media partners. The outcome of this project will be updated once the service is launched.

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