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Hi. I'm

Alana Dell

Designing customer experiences to be more valuable and satisfying

CX Design, Behavioural Science, System One, Research

and all things that are HCD

Our context influences our experience and the decisions that we make. To close the gap betwen intention and actions, I discover the issues, design the context and content needed to support the desired customer experience.

Perhaps you want your customers to join the brand rewards programme when they buy your products, maybe you need to nudge customers to more profitable products or maybe you need to re-engineer a series of touchpoints to enable customers to better achieve their desired goal. Through the lens of behavioural science, I map out and design customer decision journeys and communications for better experiences and improved customer decisions to make your programme, business or organisation maximise performance.


A seasoned strategist, I flow easily between Researcher, Experience Designer and Behavioural Scientist, Content Strategist and Business Director. I learn how customers interact with a product or service, map out strengths and obstacles and design solutions to make the context to be more effective for meeting their needs.


I am a hands-on resource from pitch stage through to leading project research & insights, actionable behaviour, content and UX design strategies, testing and implementation.

I have worked across a broad range of industries and methodologies, in different envirnonments and with both start-ups and corporates. Some of the brands I have worked with include Mastercard, Old Mutual, Liberty, Momentum, Hollard, eBucks, KFC, Coca-Cola, Woolworths, BMW and World Vision.


For an easy and quick

introduction to behavioural economics:

  • Dan Ariely's Ted Talk

  • Atlantic article on our cognitive biases

Intro Alana

Contact me

+64 21 082 55788

  • LinkedIn
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